What should be paid attention to when applying the pipe cutting machine?

What should be paid attention to when applying the pipe cutting machine is very important for all types of pipe cutting machines which including semi-automatic and automatic pipe cutting machines. The below items will give you ideas:


  1. System department: The hydraulic system department can accept civil accessories or aircraft hydraulic accessories.
  2. Transmission department: The transmission department consists of an oil cylinder, rack, gear, and transmission shaft.
  1. Mold Department: The mold department is a helper that is based on the different diameters molds. 
  2. Clamping mechanism: The hydraulic clamping mechanism includes a slide plate, a rocker arm, and a hydraulic oil cylinder. The telescopic movement of the oil cylinder mobilizes the rocker arm to move
  3. Electrical department. Pipe cutting machines are very common in survival and have many advantages, such as efficiency, fair layout, simple operation and so on. After all, they are machines. In the course of pipe bending, the hydraulic system actively saves the buffer before the angle set by the bending, which greatly improves the bending accuracy and quick reset. 

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