CNC Fully Automatic High-speed Aluminum Cutting Machine

CNC Fully Automatic  High-speed Aluminum Cutting Machine

CNC Fully Automatic Precision high-speed aluminum cutting machine adopts special cutting action design: The hidden saw blade (good safety) automatically cuts the material from the back to the front, and then is controlled by the air cylinder to pull the working platform apart, and the saw blade backs to the origin. This feature is specially designed to avoid the processing material from being affected by the blade back (backward) to affect the smoothness and accuracy of the processing surface so that the material processing surface is smoother and more accurate.  

CNC Fully Automatic  High-speed Aluminum Cutting Machine

CNC Fully Automatic High-speed Aluminum Cutting Machine is controlled by CNC, it can automatically realize the functions of aluminum pipe, steel pipe feeding, cutting, clamping, tool feeding, loosening, conveying finished products, printing batch number, tailing output and other functions, and automatically circulate, so as to realize continuous automation Processing of cutting machinery.


The machine is suitable for sawing processing: aluminum, copper, heat sink, plastic steel material, bakelite, acrylic, plastic products, wood, and other non-metal materials.

  1. 1.Suitable for cutting non-ferrous metals, copper, aluminum, zinc, plastic, carbon fiber and other materials.
  2. The frame adopts the reinforced design.
  3. The design of the main clamp is more in line with the needs of the times. The saw blade has no signs of retracting with fixed clamp and the auxiliary clamps are used to give way to both sides.
  4. The main and auxiliary clamps adopt gantry type clamping, and the side clamping is designed as a hanging type. There is no need to make fixture tooling for the shape of the workpiece.
  5. The sawing design is unique, horizontal and vertical cutting, and the cylinder feed makes the equipment more stable.
  6. Control method: PLC + touch screen.
  7. Feeding method: servo motor, precision screw drive.
  8. Working mode: servo motor / automatic feeding / tail detection / material separation and retracting.
  9. Cooling method: trace spray.
  10. Recycling method of aluminum scraps: carefully designed single/double barrel high suction vacuum cleaner to make the workshop cleaner.
  11. Hydraulic system: independent embedded, easy installation and simple maintenance. In terms of gas storage: Built-in independent gas storage tank and pressure detection device, eliminating external factors to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and ensure safety.
  12. Transmission: This equipment is a heavy-cutting type and selects a reasonable number of blade spindle rotations for the size of the installed blade.
  13. Lubrication system:  regular and quantitative lubrication for each part of the screw rod and guide rail.
  14. The three-dimensional appearance of the design is strong.

Summary: YJ-610CNC uses advanced numerical control, hydraulic technology, high product accuracy, smooth and flat sawing end face, stable performance, simple operation, durable, professional quality, trustworthy!


Technical data

Type: YJ-610CNC

  • CE Licence:  YES
  • Control: CNC, Automatic
  • Maximum Capacity: 200*200mm,175*210mm,130*350mm,20*400mm depends on the size of Sawblade(refer to saw cutting ability curve)
  • Automatic feeding stroke: 1350mm(3000/6000mm available) Feedable back and forth
  • Automatic feeding accuracy: ±0.1mm
  • RPM: 1500-3000 Stepless speed change (Customized available)
  • Saw shaft power: 15HP(15HP 4P available)
  • Spindle frequency conversion motor power: 15HP(20HP available)
  • Hydraulic feed motor power: 1HP
  • Servo motor power: 1.5KW
  • Touch screen size: 5.7″
  • Saw blade size: Φ12″, Φ14″, Φ16″, Φ18″, Φ20″, Φ22″, Φ24″(HoleΦ1″)
  • Maximum load of feeding table: 100KG
  • Compressed air pressure: 4~6 kgs/cm²
  • Dimension: 3500*2100*1860mm
  • Weight: 2300KG

Specification of CNC Fully Automatic Precision high-speed aluminum cutting machine

  1. Automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic sawing, and automatic fuel injection.
  2. The longest feeding stroke at one time is 1400mm / 3000mm / 6000mm, and it can automatically feed and cut over 9999MM length.
  3. The servo motor is driving the ball screw with high accuracy.
  4. human-computer touch screen, simple operation, fault self-detection, screen display exclusion method.
  5. using the CNC Fuji controller, computer control stability is high, electrical control components adopt CE certification products.
  6. Cutting setting function: 100 sets of memory sizes and groups are available, and each group can set up to 12 sizes for sawing.
  7.  sawing method: linear sawing, suitable for processing wider and higher materials.
  8. Manual and automatic modes are available.
  9. Feeding method: 1. Step feeding. 2. Feed to the overlay. 3. Manual feeding.
  10. The saw blade shield and electric control box have the function of opening power-off protection for higher safety.

Sawing capacity chart

Sawing capacity chart

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