CNC Fully Automatic Copper Sawing Machine


CNC Fully Automatic Copper Sawing Machine adopts multiple sets of gear structure. Heavy-duty cutting, synchronous belt pulley converts high and low speed according to different materials. The spindle of the machine head is equipped with a hydraulic brake, which controls the saw blade to work in a sharp state to prevent damage to the saw and jumper. The machine head adopts a slideway to advance the knife to effectively ensure the parallelism of the cutting surface. The hydraulic system is equipped with a Qiyang electric dragon valve, circulating cooling, and part lubrication to effectively improve the service life of the equipment.

CNC Fully Automatic Copper Sawing Machine

CNC Fully Automatic Copper Sawing machine adopts human-machine interface control, simple operation and easy to understand; The head adopts slide way sawing to better protect the workpiece and saw blade, and the service life is longer; Precision screw, servo motor, driver, PLC, touch screen, motor, and solenoid valve are all imported from Taiwan;  The frame adopts nodular cast iron, which makes the machine more durable.



The machine is suitable for sawing: heat sink, aluminum, copper, PVC, plastic steel material, bakelite, acrylic plastic, Teflon, honeycomb board, wood, and other non-ferrous metal materials.

Technical data

  • Type: YJ-400CNC
  • CE Licence:  YES
  • Control: CNC, Automatic
  • Maximum Capacity:

Solid round bar: Φ150mm

Solid square bar:150*150mm

 Round tube: Φ150mm

 L bar:     120*120mm

Square pipe: 120*120mm

Rectangular pipe: 150*60mm

  • Feeding length: Servo feeding, 5mm-6m, no manual positioning required/ Hydraulic cylinder feeding single 600mm, double / 1200mm, triple / 1800mm
  • RPM: 3200
  • Cooling motor: 90W
  • Saw Blade: Φ350-Φ455mm
  • Voltage: 380-440V 4 Phases 50Hz Customized
  • Main Motor: 5.5kW
  • Clamp type:  single
  • Maximum clamp opening: 150mm
  • Servo feeding stroke: continuous
  • Servo motor: 1 kW
  • Working pressure: 20-30KG/cm2
  • Standard configuration: Cooling system, hydraulic system, adjustment tools
  • Dimensions: 2200x1400x2200mm
  • Net Weight: Around 1600 Kgs

This machine has a one-way retract function to ensure a smooth cutting surface and accuracy within ± 0.5mm.


CNC Fully Automatic Copper Sawing machine has significant effects on aluminum profiles, copper materials, organic materials, plastic steel materials, carbon fiber, etc., cutting without burrs, and cutting chips after cutting; The foam is recovered centrally, and the cooling liquid can be recycled, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, time-saving and material saving;

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