1. Before using the CNC pipe bender, first check whether the oil in the fuel tank is sufficient, and fill it up if it is insufficient.



  1. The switch of the CNC pipe bender before work must be turned off; otherwise, the pressure cannot be reached, and the fuel screw plug is loosened to allow the fuel tank to ventilate.



  1. The outer diameter of the bent pipe must be fitted with the groove of the bending die, otherwise the workpiece will have a concave phenomenon or the mold will crack.



  1. The welding seam of the welded pipe is directly outside or inside the bend. During the bending process, the two supporting wheels must rotate at the same time and the workpiece slides in the groove of the supporting wheel. If one side is not moving, the operation should be stopped.



  1. The NC pipe bending machine usually does the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment, and the oil should be cleaned. It must be filtered through a 80 mesh filter, and the oil filter device must be cleaned regularly.



  1. Numerical control pipe bender uses No. 15 mechanical oil. In order to facilitate user maintenance, the manual hydraulic pipe bender vulnerable seals are put into the spare parts bag.

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